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The holidays are officially over, which means empty champagne bottles in your recycling bin and an empty wallet from trying to give more than you received. You’ve already binged watched a whole series on Netflix this year, even though the year just started, and you’re looking for any excuse to get off your couch. Look no further! Here are just a few cheap date ideas around Tampa that will keep you and your wallet happy.

The Lowry Parcade

The Lowry Parcade is a favorite for people who love arcade games and craft beer. Their ever-changing draft and bottle list is super affordable and delicious. The mix of vintage and new arcade games are only a quarter or two to play and on Thursday, the Parcade staff sets up a few Nintendo 64’s that are free to play. If you wait around until nine o’clock on Thursdays, a few boxes of pizza get delivered to the bar that are also free (first come, first serve obviously.) Buy a few beers, get a few slices, and go crazy on ski-ball for a super fun night.

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Make A Night Out Of Riverwalk

Meet up downtown at six o’clock (because that’s when street parking starts being free.) The first stop of the night should be Eddie and Sam’s, the super well-known NY pizza joint on the corner of Twiggs and Tampa Street where you can get two slices of pizza for around five bucks. Afterwards, make your way towards Curtis Hixon and start your Riverwalk journey there. The sun will have set by now, so the colorful lights of the Riverwalk will be fully lit and reflecting onto the Hillsborough River. Take in the scenery of downtown Tampa for about half a mile before you hit The Sail Pavilion, then grab a drink up at the bar and find a seat.

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Circa 1949 Acoustic Nights

Every week, on either Friday and Saturday, Circa 1949 hosts acoustic nights with local artists. Swing by to listen for a while and grab a few drinks, that are usually on special during these events. There is indoor and outdoor seating at Circa 1949 and a long list of beer and wine to chose from. If you’re feeling hungry, you can grab some small bar food from inside or try one of the local food trucks that parks itself outside and will be completely in your budget.

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