Perdido Key
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Updated in July 2022 by Savannah Voci

Have you ever watched the sun set after a perfect day at the beach and dreamed you could spend the night right there?


Make your dream a reality with a trip to Perdido Key on Gulf Island National Seashore. Clear emerald green waters, sugar – white sand, rolling sand dunes, and wetlands make up the landscape of this peaceful camping destination. This National Park stretches from Cat Island, Mississippi to the Okaloosa area east of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. With a shoreline that reaches 160 miles, Gulf Island National Seashore’s 12 areas include historic forts, shaded picnic areas, trails, and campgrounds.

For some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States, Perdido Key offers the best camping destination for you and your adventure loving plus one! Here is everything you need to know about camping on Perdido Key, one of the most beautiful parts of Gulf Island National Seashore.

Choosing Your Campsite

Perdido Key’s literal translation means “Lost Key,” as it remained a secret of gulf coast Native Americans until the early Spanish discovered it. Today, it remains one of the quietest and least developed areas in the state. You’ll be thankful you found this picturesque spot, as it is everything you want in a beach paradise. Perdido Key is located between Pensacola and Orange Beach Alabama.

To reserve an RV campsite, you’ll need to contact Big Lagoon State Park. These campsites include a number of accommodations, including electricity and running water. Big Lagoon State Park includes a boat ramp for those who wish to reach their campsite by boat. No reservation is necessary for this option. If you’re planning on hiking into your primitive camping site, you will be entering through the official entrance to Gulf Island National Seashore State Park. Campers can hike a couple miles out and then choose a spot amongst the dunes or right on the water to set up camp.

Gearing Up

While what you bring is dependent on the duration of your stay and which campsite you choose, a comfortable and efficient campsite plays a huge role in the quality of your trip. For primitive camping, make sure to bring a sturdy tent, cooler with plenty of water, and all the supplies necessary for a fire. A blow up mattress can provide extra comfort but a simple sleeping bag can still be comfortable on the soft white sands of the beach. Make sure to check weather and wind forecasts so that you’re well equipped for whatever the elements throw at you.

What to Do on Perdido Key

Besides sunbathing on the shore and swimming in clear waters, there are plenty of options for activities on Perdido Key. Wetlands are located on the shoreline that stretches between the mainland on the north side of Perdido Key. This area is home to a long list of wildlife including birds in their natural habitat. Fishing is also excellent in this area and campers can expect redfish, bluefish, flounder, and sea trout seasonally. On the gulf side of Perdido Key, campers can keep their eyes peeled for tarpon and dolphins. Camping on Perdido Key is most definitely a feast for the eyes as you take in everything this stunning beach has to offer.


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