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Are you a bookworm seeking out your next adventure in a good book? Maybe your next day date should be an adventure finding the books you love with the one you love! Next time you and your number one are looking for something to do, a trip to a new bookstore or library could open up a world of adventure. Stroll through shelves of books and turn exciting pages on your next date.

Check out these bookstores and libraries in Clearwater that will make any bookworm couple happy!

The Little Shop of Wonders, Books & Music

Find hidden treasures at this little shop of wonders! You can expect new and used books at this unique location. This shop usually runs some type of sale or special so you can find a good read for cheap. Have fun searching with your favorite person.

Clearwater Public Libraries

Don’t forget the public libraries Clearwater has to offer. Throughout the city there are four different libraries to try with hundreds of books. Check out the Main library located in the heart of clearwater or the countryside, east, or beach library.

Clearwater Public Library

Blue Moon Books Antiques and Music

This old-school book store will have you exploring all day! Find a one of a kind piece at this new and used bookstore. Classics authors like Kurt Vonnegut and Sylvia Plath can be found on the shelves.

Comics and Hobbies

Comics are books too! Clearwater’s resident comic store has the comics and graphic novels you’re looking for. If you and your date are comic book lovers, check this place out.

Comics and Hobbies

Back in the Day Books

This antique book store has shelves of exciting finds for you and your number one! Stroll the shelves for a book that’s been around longer than you! Hidden treasure awaits anyone who goes in search of a new book.

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