boba tea
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Are you a boba tea fan? Have you had it before? These 6 spots for boba tea in Tampa make for some great chill date ideas.

What is boba?

Tapioca pearls, the balls at the bottom of your tea, are made of cassava starch and are sold in a dry, grayish form. They have to be boiled for 30 minutes and sit for 30 more. If not cooked under those standards, they become too squishy or too hard, making it an unsatisfactory experience to eat them. 

This is why places that sell Bubble Tea must be praised for their ability to cook them perfectly. Here are some of the best Boba Tea Houses in the Tampa Bay Area. 

6 Spots for Boba Tea in Tampa Bay

  • Ding Tea
  • TeaStori Tampa
  • 35 Below
  • Kaleisia Tea Lounge
  • Chewy Boba Company
  • Kung Fu Tea

Ding Tea 

Location: Waters Avenue Tampa

At Ding Tea, there is something for everyone! Their refreshing teas come in a variety of flavors, from classic Peach tea to Kumquat Ice Green tea. They also have more than 20 different milk tea flavors, lattes, coffee, smoothies, and hot tea. More importantly, you can choose different toppings to add to any of your drinks just for a couple of cents! Pick between the popular black boba or give it a fun twist and order golden boba. They also offer different jellies, which are popping balls and go perfectly with fruity drinks. 

Ding Tea Tampa Facebook Page

TeaStori Tampa

Location: Tampa / Busch Gardens area

Some of the most colorful teas around are found right here. Enjoy the purple hue of taro or the sunshiny yellow of mango. And if you can’t decide you can order a side by side with two flavors served in cute side-by-side cups.

And on those hot Tampa days you can also cool off with some mochi.


35 Below 

Location: Downtown

Are you craving some handcrafted rolled ice cream? 35 Below is the perfect place for you! A wide variety of ice cream flavors as well as delicious boba teas await. They also offer a rewards system that you can build up over time. This very cozy environment, perfect for dates and hangouts. They are also one of the very few places closer to Downtown that offer boba teas. 

Kaleisia Tea Lounge

Location: Fletcher Avenue, Tampa

Even though Kaleisia has a more narrow list of flavors, all of their tea is made with love and passion. This is the perfect place to go to if you are looking for a fuller meal!

They offer many entrees, such as noodles, rice bowls, paninis and much more! Pick traditional boba, popping boba or jelly and enjoy your afternoon. You can also purchase teaware and loose tea from them, which can be bought in-store or online. 

Kaleisia Tea Lounge Facebook Page

Chewy Boba Company

Location: Near USF

Chewy Boba has many locations in the U.S., but their Tampa one is very popular among college students! Just sit down and grab one of their board games while you wait for your boba to arrive.

In addition, they also have arcade games in the back, so this is also a great place to hang out after a long day of work. If you want something to go with your boba you can get some of their mochi or macarons. Smoothies and slushies are available for those who don’t want to venture into the amazing world of boba. 

Kung Fu Tea

Locations: Wesley Chapel

At Kung Fu Tea, you will find a BIG variety of drinks. They offer different milk tea, punch, yogurt, slush, and much more! Bento boxes allow you to combine different foods to go with your drink! 


Note – Boba Tea is not offered here, but the loose leaf tea, afternoon tea, and champagne bar are not to be missed.

If you like tea and coffee, you’re sure to have heard about Oxford Exchange. This bookstore, restaurant and coffee shop is known for its atmosphere and its great taste. At Oxford, you can enjoy over 30 different teas, from black to matè to herbal and more. There is even a special afternoon tea time from Fridays to Sundays at 3pm-5pm that would make for a great date.



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Feature boba tea image: Kaleisia’s Tea Lounge Facebook Page